Benefits of E-commerce

  • Easy & Convenient
  • 24/7 Access by all
  • One Virtual Store for the world
  • Standardized Processes
  • Instant Information Update
  • Manage on the Move
  • Instant communication with customers and operations team
  • Assured productivity & efficiency leads to satisfied customers

E-commerce is MUST, but Marketing is CRITICAL

Having an e-commerce portal has now been standardized through various template options & quick setup can be accomplished within few days, if all data including images are ready. 

Well, what next? 

  • How will you make your customer know about your new e-commece portal?
  • How will you reach out to prospective customers & educate them about your e-commerce?
  • Who is capable enough to understand your business critical needs & how will you evaluate?
  • Knowing marketing is CRITICAL, how will you assess the outcome of marketing activities?
  • How will you decide your recurring budget on Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, etc?
  • How will you analyse investment versus outcome – both tangible & intangible?
  • How about hidden costs involved in maintaining e-commerce portals?
  • Is it worth developing customized portal or subscribe for standard portals available?
  • How will you migrate the data in case you chose to go with standard portals?

Write to us at with your brief profile of your company with website URL to study the business. One of our team members will call on you with a prior appointment, to have a detailed discussion to further assist you in your decision making process.